Friday, July 01, 2011

Its been a While

So my wonderful friend Lacey has inspired me to get my blog going again. It going to take a bit of a twist now though. I will still be putting stuff up about food and pictures of fun dishes I do. I still need to go back and show off some of the amazing cheese displays I've put together. But I've also decided to start putting more stuff in here about life in general. Also I'm such a book nerd this blog would not be complete without a little book talk. And No I'm still not any better at this so bear with me. I'm a horrible writer and most likely will have a million grammatical mistakes! (maybe I should make a game out of it), but I'm trying.
I also plan on following Lacey's 31 day photo challenge on here so we'll see how that comes out!

Ok so for today I decided that an amazing dinner was in order so I could have a bomb picture to start this new beginning with!
Photo: Chicken with a BBQ Ranch broccoli and corn slaw with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes. Garnished with Marinated cherry tomatoes and zucchini and drizzled with Pomegranate Balsamic Dressing. 
         Served with a Valpolicalla Ripaso.

Yes this is what I made myself for dinner, it tasted amazing! Thank you Megan for the slaw inspiration. Took it from the lettuce wraps we had the other day and tweaked it a little bit.

I hope you will all enjoy this new updated blog and I would love ideas and feedback from you! Hopefully I will stick with it this time!
Talk to ya all soon!

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