Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Steampunk Creations

So I spent the last couple of months working on putting together my steampunk murder mystery party. Now that it is over its time to update my blog (Yes I know Its been a while) with all the fun things I made!

 This is me in my costume. I had a ton of fun putting everything together. I didn't take a separate picture of this but the white shirt underneath is one of the things I made. I found a simple white button up shirt at the goodwill and altered it. For anyone needing a peasant looking shirt I will say this is really easy. I'm not very good at this whole crafty thing but I'm learning. All I did was take the shirt and cut out a scoop top. Leave about an inch more then how far down you want the shirt to go. You will use this for the hem. I then cut the sleeves off doing the same thing. I found elastic string about a quarter inch thick at Joan's. So for the neck and sleeves sew a hem leaving a hole to thread the elastic through. when it all threaded through sew the elastic ends together and then sew up the hole. and presto your done and you have a great new peasant shirt.
 This is one of the tables I put together for the decor. I had wine bottles all over the house and outside that I put candles in. Its a perfect way to decorate. Which I must thank Pintrest for! I found this idea on there.
 This is the gun we put together for Ashlie. We found just a simple gun and the 99 cent store. I had a lot of fun painting this for her. I did the painting and she glued the parts onto it.
 My dad was making a box so I decided I needed to make one too. This is what I came up with. I think If I had more time I could make something a lot better but it turned out fun. I found a plain box at Michaels. Then I stained it and glued the piece on top. Then painted that. I also printed out a old map of the world which I glued on there and then painted over it with a seal. Also used some of my other clock parts just to add some flare.
 Sorry this picture is blurry. Best picture I got of my earring. These are one of my favorites things I made. They came out perfect. Plus I can wear them agian just for fun! These were made with just some basic jewelry parts to hold everything together. I used jump hooks and I'm not sure what there called but they are thin wire needle like things. The parts are from my clock parts and also some gears from a scrapbook kit my mom and I found at Michaels.
 Favorite Item! My mom helped me sew these. I bought the lace on Etsy and then We just followed a picture.
 This started out life as a neon green and yellow nerf gun. I spent so much time making sure this was perfect!
 You can't see them that well but this was another Pintrest craft idea. I found one about transforming egg cartons into flowers to put onto a string of Christmas lights. It was the perfect added touch! also I got that wood sign and painted it with chalkboard pains for instant awesome chalkboard. Can reuse for all kinds of great things!
Lastly this is the Necklace I made for my costume. A clock face that I added some jewles onto and just a simple little cameo all on a chain.

I hope you enjoyed my crafts that I made. Maybe I will add some more details about the more involved crafts at a later time. Or if you wanted to know more let me know!
Thanks for reading my blog! I would love to hear feed back on how I'm doing!