Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanksgiving in New Hampshire

So for Thanksgiving I went home with my friend Spencer. He lives in Monroe New Hampshire.

We visited his Aunts B &B and she has Lamas as pets!!!!!

This is the four of us that went up there! Me, then Ali, then Spencer, and finally Danny (Hes another Californian. Actually did my internship over the summer with him!)

These are Spencer's Parents. And his Dads best friend.
They were really nice and just plain awesome!

So on the way there we ran out of gas on the interstate!!! We were going up a hill when it started to go, so we all jumped out while it was still moving to push it. We didn't get very far!We were s o close to top though!!!!! So this is Danny posing in front of the car! It was freezing out and snowing!!!

This is the Mount Washington Hotel. It the hotel t hat the movie the shining is based off of. We went up to it and walked around, its a really cool hotel!!!

In the summer this is a local swimming hole. I thought it looked way to dangerous to jump into, since its like a waterfall and its swirling around at the bottom and following right into another little waterfall. But Spens says it a lot of fun. Although he did admit they have lost a couple tourist to it!!! I thought this spot looked really gorgeous with the snow!!

Spencer, Danny, and me. I really don't know why I made that face! lol

Same spot!

Everything looked so pretty covered in snow! Northern New Hampshire is really
pretty in winter!

This is actually back at school before Thanksgiving, but i wanted to add it in. This is Micheal Simon the guy who won Americas Next Iron Chef. He was a graduate of my school so he came and gave a demo and question and answer session. We stayed for a little bit. Unfortunately they didn't start it till 9, and I am an am student now and had test the next day!!! :(

Spencer's Dad has these really cool old stoves installed in the house that he actually uses. I wish I had more pictures of the house. His dad spent 13yrs building this house by himself. He did it piece by piece as could aford it. Its a two bedroom log-house, and its huge!!!! This first stove he keeps going all the time int he kitchen to heat tea water, or keep food warm in there pot, and just to warm up by.

This one is in the living room and actually used to heat the house, along with the heaters. Its wood burning.

His family also own a little breakfast and lunch restaurant. Its called the Coffee Pot. It is the hot spot to stop at in town. It only seat 29 people. Everyone know that you eat and go, so everyone can get a chance. We ate breakfast there everyday. It was the best breakfasts I've had in a long time!!! This place was so cute too!!! The guy in the picture with Spencer and Danny is Spencer's Uncle Dan. Dan and his wife whos name I've blanked out on came up for thanksgiving too. they stayed at the others aunt B & B. they were really nice people. It was kinda funny the aunt was Spencers Moms sister and the two of them stayed at Spencer's Dad's B&B.

Thats the sign over the door. Its a really nicely done logo!

So we were there from Wednesday Night to Sunday afternoon, and we had a blast. It was a really nice and relaxing weekend. I'm really glad I got to go home with him, instead of staying at school!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Been a while, but heres how my summers been!

That is where I work at the St. Regis. Its really small. that picture is whats on the front of the menus.

Took a picture of myself int he mirror, next to the bar.

That is the omelette bar. I run this every sunday morning from 9am to 12.

Opaka (tempura dish)

Our shrimp burrito

Ahi tuna two ways

This is the buffet half of the Sunday morning breakfast.

Coco Shrimp

Crab cake.
Well this was a little taste of what I have been making this summer on my externship. Nothing too fancy unfortunately!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A cool Hiking area behind school!

On Last Saturday, it was actually gorgeous out, so my freind Scott took me on a hike down a path next to the school. I never knew it was there.

The stream was swollen from all the melted snow, I guess this usually isn't this big.

Theres a vine at this spot that you can swing on its, pretty cool, since its not rope!

Me and my Ninja Turtle Shirt, lol!

THis used to be a brigde a long long time ago!!

The stream again!

Sorry Its Been a while!!

Its been a while but I'm back. Sorry about that I've been really busy with school and keep forgeting to update this.That was our kitchen set up in Asias class. So far this had been my favorite class!

This is Chef Cheng and me. She is awsome. I think I've learned the most from her that I have from any chef.

Cool effect here with the contaner int he Wok.

This is one of the Woks with its woke spoona nd spatula. Which that along with our chef knives is pretty much all we used in this class. well and chop sticks!

We learned how to make Sushi, its was way cool!

My roomate Sarah and her Horse

We went to the mall and fit 8 people in a phot booth. and mangaed to see us all in the photo too!

Mike and Joe being weird

Freind Scott and me

No idea what that things was, but its a cut picture!

So yeah that me with a boiled pigs head! I thought it looked way cool!

And heres the pig before it was cooked! its so cute!

Me and Sarah

Well at Sarahs house

Sarahs Garage. I got to go home with Sarah for a weekend. She lives in New Hampshire, which is about 4 to 6 hours away from school. We had a blast.