Sunday, February 05, 2012

So now it's 2012, and today is the Super Bowl

   So I haven't posted much lately. I wish I could say its because I have been supper busy doing awesome things, but it's not. So far not much has happened. This year has gotten off to a slow start. Not much going on at work and no money to go eat at fun places. Hopefully that will change. Need fun things to post here!
   Today is the Super Bowl. A day where thousands of people across the nation all sit down in front of their TV's and pig out on snack food together. Yes, I will be one of those many people. I plan on making some fabulous guacamole and a 5 layer dip. I don't actually understand the fascination with football but the commercials are always fun. I'm hoping they will be better then last year.
   Ok so anything fun to share with the class. Let's see what have I done at work lately?
So, well here something. Not just work but from home also. So I've decided to try to once again eat healthier. (it's just so hard with all this fatty and delicious food around) one thing I always forget about is quinoa. If you've never heard of it it's this awesome grain from south America. It's a full and complete protein. Very funky looking, but full of good stuff for you. On a while it really has no flavor of its own. However its easy to cook and a great addition to any plate. I've been using it lately instead of rice. Doing a "fried" rice with it. Very fun. If I ewe figure out how to post to my recipe page I'll put it up there.
The picture I added to this post is the bowl I made for myself.