Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Lacey's Visit to NYC!

Me under a bridge in Central Park

Strawberry fields, it had no strawberries!!!! or Fields! just a tiny little path that ended in the the bridge from the last picture, and some benches. It was really pretty though.

This is the preserved tree trunk of the tree that fell by the church across the street from the twin towers. Then the towers came down. it knocked this tree down towards the church and a very tightly packed cometary. By a miracle the tree didn't do any damage to a single grave stone or the church itself. It fell in an odd unnatural way.

This is the site of the twin towers, you can already see the construction thats going on in the site.

This was a very randomly place display in the bottom level of the empire state building. Not anywhere near the tourist area. It was tucked behind a corner. We only saw it because we wondered off the normal area looking for the mail drop that is in there for the businesses.

Lacey with a statue of liberty foam hat in the empire state building gift store!

Hersey store on time square. It was just an empty plastic bottle but they looked really cool!

Me with the foam hat!

And heres me with the herseys bottle!

This is Lacey and I in front of the big main carousel in central park!

Me with the veiwer on top of the empire state building!

The three of us at the M&M store in times square! That is Lacey, me and her coworker Stephanie.

This was on one of the church benches in the church by the twin towers.

This is at the very end of the Strawberry Fields trail. It is a huge circle. People were standing around it placing flowers and also there were musicians playing music.

Lacey and Me in Cental Park!

Another display in the church.

The British dedicated this bell as a memorial to September 11th.

One of the bridges in Central Park. There all so cool!

A central Park Carriage!

So these are the best of my pictures, when I get copies from Lacey maybe I will have some more to add to this. We had a lot of fun. She was here for two days.