Monday, December 25, 2006

In NYC for Christmas!

Finally updating!

Sol holding a cub our Chef (teacher) made out of a potato, it has a ball inside. he made it all in one go!

Me putting together Stone Crab Claw Martinis, for Presidents Ryans Christmas Party!

Here is the finished tray of the martinits!

This is a Black Truffel, there way expensive!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Random pics from the last couple weeks!!

So I havn't put up some pics in a little while, so i thought I would add some photos of me with some of my freinds. School is going really great now, I love my roomates (even though sadly enough they are leaving me in a week) and I have made some really great freinds. Lately we have been hanging out a lot letely not really doing anything. With some of them I go to the local bar which is about the most exciting thing to do ont he weekend, sadly enough! well ok enough of my babeling heres pictures!Megan and me! She is soon to be my new roomate!

Me with my amigos! Megan, Joe and on the right Sean
Megan and Stephanie at the bar!
They are weird what can I say, but i still love em!
Yes we play ddr! well we didi once!
This is Mike being weird!
With my freind Sean!
I just thought I looked cool here.

These are my wonderful roomates. Left is Hazel and in he middle is Deana.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Bored after class!

So had a bunch of free time after class so me and some freinds walked around and took pictures, and hung out!

This is Sean! I love how this pic turned out the fountain looks amazing!

Me is a random little quartyard in the middle of our main building!
Cool random planter outside Roth Hall
Thought this looked cool
Back entrance to Roth Hall
Sean again!

Ew me, but I guess I needed to get some in here!
Love this hallway, the ceiling looks like an outdoor canopy!
A clock in the middle of, Heinz Plaza
Ivy on the main entrance
This is where I have my product Knowledge class. Its one of the theater style lecture rooms. Woukd have taken a picture of the inside but there was a class in there.
Roth Hall! I like how i captured the fountain here
A cool lamp!
I tried to get random pics of the school in here, so you could all see it a little more. Plus I was really bored and I didn't want to go back to my room and sit and do nothing! I would have taken more, but its getting really cold out here and I couldn't stand to be outside any longer! I'm scared it will snow soon, I'm really not looking foward to that at all! But I did finally get a nice big coat! Next step boots and socks!!! well this is it for now! till next time!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Went Hiking with Steve

So Steve and I went on a random Hike Behind one of the dorms. got to take some cool pics!!!

We have train tracks right by us, hear the trains go by all the time! it was kind of annoying at first but its ok now!
Some cool log with fungus on it!

Yep thats Steve laying on the the train tracks!

Kinda thought this looked like a sheep, I thought it was really cool!

Some cool plant!

Yep thats me!

No clue what this is but it looked intresting.
Cool sunset! All in all a pretty cool hike. pretty short otherwise I would have more pics! Maybe one of these days we'll get a group together and go on a bigger hike! Ok well that was it for this week!