Sunday, December 13, 2009

What I've been up to the last year or so!

Ok So I haven't posted anything on this in a while but I thought I would put it to some use again! I thought I would be fun to continue my picture recording of my journey through the food world! As of right now I am working as the Chef of a very small Wine bar and store in Rancho Santa Margarita California and well as the Montage In Laguna Beach! Below this are some things I've been up to! Hope you enjoy them!

We had Bo Barrett come do a tasting at our bar! We had a bunch or fun Chateau Montalena's to taste that night! He was a lot of fun to meet and talk to!

This was a buffet set up we did at the bar for a birthday party!
I forget which special this was! I just remeber it was tasty!
I just recently ran this special! It was a tropical crab cake witha  Mango Jalapeno chutney!
I made this killer sandwhich for my mom! I did confit duck with a soft goat cheese, red onion, tomato, lettuce and a spicy aoli. I then fried up the french fries in the duck fat! That was the best part!!!
Last christmas my family did a cool beer tasting. It was a set of christmas ales!
Ok well this is it for now! More to follow soon I hope!