Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry It's been a while

So I know I haven't updated this in a while. Been trying to figure out what to write, also been a little distracted by life. Since the last time I was on here I've done a bunch of cool dish's at work. I thought I would go ahead and share them with all of you, (all 4 of my followers!) Hopefully this will eventually reach more people.

So the Guy I work with really doesn't like having to throw together vegan meals. Well it happens to be that I love to improvise and make stuff. So this here is a dish I had to throw together in 5 minutes. I ended up sauteing some potatoes with paprika and cumin. then I added sauteed squash, Mushrooms, spinach and grilled pequillos peppers. Finished the dish with parsley and basil and chili oil.  It came out pretty fabulous. One of my best vegan dish's so far.  Hopefully I will get many more chances to experiment in the future!

 Yes we played with Black french truffles!

 And yes this is it. Those little spears on top are slivers of the truffle. Our chef put together a seared tuna dish for a tasting for a large party in September. On the bottom is a saffron hollandaise. Then a warm Haricot Vert and pickled shallot salad. Sumac and cumin seared albacore tuna. A lemon foam, black truffles with a frissee salad to top it off. 

So I hope you enjoyed these little snap shots of foods I've done lately. I will try to stay on top of my post better. Plus take more pictures of delicious food! :)

Good night all!

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Lacey said...

yum yummy food.