Saturday, October 21, 2006

Went Hiking with Steve

So Steve and I went on a random Hike Behind one of the dorms. got to take some cool pics!!!

We have train tracks right by us, hear the trains go by all the time! it was kind of annoying at first but its ok now!
Some cool log with fungus on it!

Yep thats Steve laying on the the train tracks!

Kinda thought this looked like a sheep, I thought it was really cool!

Some cool plant!

Yep thats me!

No clue what this is but it looked intresting.
Cool sunset! All in all a pretty cool hike. pretty short otherwise I would have more pics! Maybe one of these days we'll get a group together and go on a bigger hike! Ok well that was it for this week!


Noley said...

cool pics.

Sarah said...

Oooh!!! new pictures! I love it! It looks really pretty there. Glad you put one of yourself in there too.

enzo said...

nice picss, ur hair is long again

Norma said...

Love the pics, but more, am glad you are making friends and getting settled in at school.

Much love from the Leader of "Nuts in Camouflage."