Wednesday, October 11, 2006

First Week!

So My first week was very unaventful! I met a couple people which was awsome and they are great!!! Hopefully I'll become better freinds with them and get to hang out a bunch!
So here are a bunch of pictures from the first week!

My School Is located in the city of Hyde Park!

Off to live and study at the CIA

A railroad bridge rear by that goes over the Hudson!
I love the way they light up the main entrance at night
I tried to take pictures at all angles, only a ocuple came out well!
this is the veiw outside my bedroom! The Hudson River

Roth Hall
Cool waterfall on campus
Forget the name but its the Italian restaraunt oncampus
This is Steve, one of the first people I really got to hang out with, hes really cool!
My bedroom, its a triple
Megan, also super cool! Really glad I met these two!
Just a cool plant

People always cluster at teh Gazebos because those ar ethe only places oncampus your aloowed to smoke! My dad thought that was funny!

SO thats it for the first post! there will be more to come! I promise to keep this one updated!


Sarah said...

This is great. Love your pictures, keep them coming!

AMZ said...

sweet! it looks awesome! hope classes are going well, too. have fun in new york and dont forget about us too soon!

Noley said...

soo cool
awesome pics.

Ariel said...

Wow, your school looks so amazing. I'm glad you're having fun!