Thursday, May 01, 2008

Its Towards the end! April!

So here are a bunch of pictures of what I've been doing the last couple of weeks! Sorry I havn't been keeping this as up to date as I should!

This is my freind Kristin, on one of those motorized kids toys in the mall.

The weather was amazing the last two weeks! Kinda bad now though! So I'm wearing my freinds Hat. We got a bunch of funky hats for the mock pageant for Mr. Mrs. CIA that My friend Nina was in!

This is Vinny pretending to eat the meat as we're grinding it. He's the class clown. Always around to make people laugh.

My friend Nina took 2nd place in the annual Oyster Shucking Contest! I think the big one in the middle is what did it, because she wasn't the second one done.

You can't read it very well, but we drove through Sleepy Hollow, it was really boring!

Heres one of my fellow RA's Pat feeding one of the resident groundhogs. It was really cute!

Nina during the shucking contest!

Heres my friend Ted who also competed in the shucking contest, He didn't place :(

Heres Nina's Wining presentation again!

One of the other RA's, Joe (Hes another Californian) Pretending to eat my enchilada cassarole I made for our check in day family meal.

I just thought this looked cool.

Nina and I basking in the sun, napping and reading our books!

So one of of the other RA's taught Nina how dragqueens put on makeup! Its scary how it looks!!!!

Nina and Kristin during our pick nick for Kristins birthday! it was sad that it wasn't sunny! We had to move the picknick inside!

Here are the RA's, well some of us, gathered for family meal in the dorm kitchen. Everyone really enjoyed the meal I made!

So thats it for now! 3 more weeks till I graduate, so I'll try to get some siteseeing in and put some pictures up!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, it's fun to see the new pictures. Congratulations on your graduation! Cant type anymore to save my life so cant sign in - so I'm Anonymous --
Aunt Sarah