Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A trip To Boston!

Meaghan Bickley and I at the bar.

This is the USS Constitution, the veiw from my hotel window!

We had to drive through Connecticut to get to Boston.

The group we went to the bar with!

Some cool building in the North End

An alley in Charleston

I thought this bridge looked neat.

I liked this building it looked cool!


Sarah said...

I just wrote a big old comment and now they want me to write it again. Dang.

Sarah said...

Okay, here goes. Uncle Ryan's going to take me to Boston sometime this spring. I'm excited. I've always wanted to go to Boston. I'll get to see the historic places like the Old North Church and the building that you took a picture of. It's the Old State House. It was built in 1713; it's the oldest surviving building in Boston; it was the seat of the first elected legislature in the new world. And the bridge that you shot which is the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, but I guess people just call it the Zakim Bridge. It crosses the Charles River and it was built as part of The Big Dig. Big Dig is the unofficial name of the project that rerouted I93 into a 3.5 mile tunnel under the city. It was the most expensive highway project in America. Part of it collapsed and some people died and I think there were criminal charges filed because of the shoddy workmanship. If we're there long enough, we might even be able to get up to New York and see you.